Capacitive touch screen is the core part of conference machine

  • 2022-06-07
  • 577

Capacitor conference machine is mainly composed of capacitor touch screen, host, display, main board, shell, power line and other parts. Among these scattered parts, capacitor touch screen is its core part.
As a new type of input device, touch screen is the simplest, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction. It gives people a new experience of human-computer interaction and faces all kinds of life scenes with a new face.
The touch screen of capacitive conference machine greatly simplifies the use of computers, mainly used in public information inquiry, office, mobile phone, KTV, multimedia teaching, real estate, etc., and solves the problems that computers in the public information market cannot solve.
The double glass of the capacitive touch screen of the conference all-in-one machine can not only protect the conductor and sensor, but also accurately calculate the touch position even if the screen is stained with dirt, dust or oil.
In addition to the touch screen, the display in the all-in-one capacitive conference machine is also very important. It displays certain electronic files on the screen through some specific transmission equipment, and then reflects them to the human eye. Through its display, people can clearly see the image displayed on the screen.