How to deal with small problems of advertising machine manufacturer of advertising machine

  • 2020-04-16
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With the continuous development of the advertising machine industry, advertising machine products are also changing. However, with a large population and the rise of an industry, there are a large number of followers. There are so many manufacturers of advertising machines now, but do each manufacturer of advertising machines pass the technical level? Because there are some differences in the quality of the LCD advertising machines produced by each advertising machine manufacturer, it is inevitable that some electronic failures will occur after a long time of use, such as flower screen, black screen, flash screen, white screen, etc., how about the maintenance cost of similar failures?
The price is closely related to the size of LCD advertising machine and the degree of damage. Zhongyu Shitong, the advertising machine manufacturer, provides after-sales support of free warranty for one year and free upgrade and maintenance for life. Therefore, here we remind the majority of users not to buy some relatively small and Sanwu products because of being greedy and cheap, or later maintenance will be very troublesome.
LCD advertising machine belongs to electronic products. It has been used for a long time, and some small problems are inevitable. Next, let's follow Zhongyu vision to have a look at common ways to repair small faults, hoping to help you.
1: Hardware screen cable failure
If the screen cable is loose, it will also cause some failures of LCD advertising machine. Therefore, in the daily use process, if the display screen is not bright, flashing screen and other phenomena occur, you can see if the screen cable is faulty.
2: Large screen out of control
Check whether the interface of the software is normal, whether the serial port line is damaged, whether the contact with the PC interface of the product is good, whether there is a problem with the serial port of the PC, change a PC for testing, whether the address parameter setting is wrong, etc.
3: The power indicator does not work
Check whether the power cord has been damaged, whether the power supply has been involved in the mains, whether the power switch has been damaged and damaged, and whether the insurance has been blown.
The above is one of the reasons for LCD advertising machine's flower screen, white screen, black screen and flashing screen. I hope it can help you. Eurovision, a Shenzhen advertising machine manufacturer, focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of medium and high-end LCD advertising machines, and will gather the technology and knowledge about LCD advertising machine, touch touch one machine and LCD splicing screen for you. You are welcome to continue to pay attention.