How to buy touch advertising machine

  • 2020-04-16
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Now in the era of science and technology, all kinds of devices are undergoing a new generation, and touch advertising machine has replaced numerous advertising devices with its powerful functions. Touch advertising machine is widely used for its powerful information interactive application function, and has also been recognized and used by the advertising industry. So some people may not know how to choose the touch advertising machine. When we buy a product, we like to choose a low price product. This psychology is understandable, but the lowest price is likely to bring the biggest loss. Touch advertising machine touch screen is divided into three types: G + G capacitive touch, G + F nano touch and infrared touch. Their corresponding prices are also different Big, so, how to buy touch advertising machine?
1: Touch screen
The most important component of touch advertising machine is touch display screen. The quality of touch panel in touch advertising machine directly determines the display effect and service life of advertising dexterity. At present, there are bad businesses replacing old ones with new ones and using inferior touch screens to replace inferior ones in the market. Therefore, users must recognize well-known brands in the market to ensure product quality and after-sales service when purchasing touch advertising machines.
Generally, the service life of touch screen is 6 to 10 years. Although the service life of touch screen can be extended through maintenance, the aging of touch in screen will still affect the quality of advertising machine. If it is a touch advertising machine produced by a regular company, all of them are imported touch screens, which will never use the old screen, old screen and point screen.
2: Decoding function of decoding board chip
The third key of touch advertising machine is the support of decoding function, resolution and stability of decoding board chip. The supporting formats of general advertising machine can decode the video and pictures in common formats; the main difference lies in the display effect and stability when playing files. Finally, it is the appearance of touch advertising machine. On the basis of the same price, it is very important to choose a beautiful appearance product. Customers can also accept having a touch advertising machine that makes people see the light in front of their eyes.
Three: power supply
The second key component of touch advertising machine is the power supply, which is the pillar to support the content playing, so it is very important to choose a stable and high-quality power supply. Generally, the service life of power supply is 5 years. After 5 years, the power supply is not very stable. If you buy the products from the certified manufacturers, you don't need to worry about the power supply during the service life of the products. The service life can reach 10 to 15 years.
The above is about how to choose a high cost-effective touch advertising machine. As a new advertising equipment, touch advertising machine is widely used in various industries. Touch advertising machine is convenient to update, display various advertisements, spread rapidly, and has a sense of technology, which is impressive. It is not only practical, but also convenient to use. It has gradually become the first choice of various advertising industries.