Requirements for outdoor advertising machines

  • 2020-04-16
  • 833

We see a lot of advertising machines in many public places, but not all advertising machines can be used in some outdoor public places. Because of the weather, the purchase of outdoor advertising machines needs to be more comprehensive and perfect.
Outdoor advertising machine is used in the outdoor advertising machine, compared with the traditional indoor advertising machine, the environment is worse. This requires outdoor advertising machines to be able to cope with the wind and rain, temperature changes, etc. In order to be able to operate normally in different environments, what characteristics should outdoor advertising machines meet?
First, outdoor advertising machine should meet the following characteristics: waterproof, dustproof, anti-theft, anti lightning, anti-corrosion, anti biological;
Second, you can see clearly in the sun;
Third, it can operate normally in bad environment (such as high temperature, low temperature, strong wind, etc.);
Fourth: outdoor LCD advertising machine power is large, need stable power supply;
Fifth: appearance: it needs steel plate or aluminum alloy composition, so as to ensure that outdoor advertising machine can be used in outdoor protection.
Sixth: screen brightness: outdoor screen brightness shall be more than 1500nits.
Seventh: temperature: outdoor temperature difference is large, need a temperature management system, can intelligently adjust the working temperature of outdoor advertising machine.