What kind of advertising machine is more acceptable to customers?

  • 2020-04-16
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What kind of advertising machine is more acceptable for customers who buy advertising machines? As a professional advertising machine manufacturer, we believe that the following product characteristics will directly determine the acceptance of customers. We firmly believe that the products make us move more customers.
We believe that the advertising machine customers want to buy should have the following characteristics:
1. Simple installation
This is mainly reflected in the installation process of the purchased product, whether it is a vertical advertising machine, a LCD advertising machine hanging on the wall, or a building advertising machine in an elevator, which should not be excessively complex. Meanwhile, the relevant installation instructions should be complete, providing a series of guiding ideas for the installation process, and the simple installation should also be reflected in the reasonable collocation of accessories, as well as the need for Special precautions should be explained in advance. We provide professional on-site installation services to solve all problems for your quick use.
2. Easy to use
The installed advertising machine should be easy to use between advertisement playing and switching, that is to say, for the remote control that can be solved, it should not be touched on the machine by hand. At the same time, the relevant instructions should be detailed, for the parameters that need to be adjusted, it is better to have self debugging and inspection functions, and adapt to the mode of advertisement played in the fastest way.
3. Update fast
In the process of updating the advertising content, the non-stop play should be realized, that is, the current advertising content should not be stopped in the process of updating, and the relevant operation should be convenient and fast.
4. After sales improvement
Perfect after-sales service can not only solve the customer's worries, but also reflect the strength of the advertising machine manufacturers. Welcome to choose Xinhai TV advertising machine, we will provide you with the best products and services with the greatest enthusiasm.