180W vehicle mounted isolated regulated power supply

时间: 2020-04-20
Product details

Product Name: 180W vehicle mounted isolated regulated power supply
Product model: osk-gl180
Product brand: Eurovision
Product origin: Shenzhen
1、 Technical parameters
Input voltage: dc9-36v
(ultra wide voltage range, first-class voltage stabilizing effect, high voltage shutdown between 37v-40v)
Output voltage: DC12V
Output current (max): 15A
Corresponding power: 180W
Ripple coefficient of output voltage: < 0.5%
Static working current: < 200mA
Conversion efficiency: > 80%
Operating temperature: - 10 ~ 60 ° C
Built in small cooling fan with work indicator light and safety
Overall dimension: 140 * 80 * 45mm, including the total length after the installation hole is 164mm
One year warranty for this product!
Input terminal: yellow wire input positive pole, black wire access to ground
Output terminal: red line output positive pole, black line is grounded
2、 Function:
Overvoltage protection: when the output voltage is too high due to circuit fault, the system will stop the voltage output.
Overcurrent protection: when the external load is too large, resulting in the output current greater than 15a, the system will automatically limit the output current to 15a, to ensure the stability of the power supply.
This product is specially designed for anti-interference of vehicle audio-visual system, which can well solve the interference of display or audio system caused by voltage or current mutation of other electrical appliances (such as generator, air conditioner, etc.).
Judge whether the power supply is isolated or not: when the power supply is not connected to the power supply, whether the input negative electrode and the output negative electrode are connected. If they are not connected, they are isolated. If they are connected, they are not isolated. If it is measured to be connected when the power is on, it indicates that there is grounding.